The "iam idecide" ideology was born over 25 years ago; it began with the simple, yet profound idea that there are two fundamental realities that govern human life:  

  1. Every living thing "am".
  2. For humans - living is a "decision".  

For this reason, everything that happens to us throughout our lifetime is born out of that reality, and I have spent the last 30 years of my life asking people in one form or another "who AM you?" only to find that asked in the absence of any other question, it is an intense and sometimes life-altering one.

This platform is an EDUCATIONAL MOVEMENT because I am first and foremost an educator -- it is an ideology that is grounded in psychological theory: existential, cognitive, and behavioral.  it is built on the belief that everything that we do is done in accordance with the first law of nature - SURVIVAL.  It focuses on several guiding psychological principles that explain human behavior, motivation and emotion.  It is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach to helping you LEARN and understand who you AM.  

The knowledge that I present is not NEW, it wasn't DISCOVERED by anyone, it doesn't BELONG to anyone, it simply IS, just as we AM....and so here it is......